Leadership, Communication, Governance and Administration Workshops

Suitable Network provides quality affordable short-term leadership and management
development training programmes to companies, NGOs, corporates, government and business executives to strengthen their ability to carry out their role as leaders in serving their institutions, colleagues or Community.
Here is the list
 Team building1-3 Days View course content.
 Grant Management course.10 DaysQuickBooks and excel.View course content.
 Proposal writing course. (NGO grant, project and business proposals]10 DaysRelevant skills.View course content.
 Supply chain Management & Procurement logistics course.10 DaysEXCEL AND ACCESSView course content.
 Negotiation Skill course.10 DaysExcelView course content.
 Leadership & Communication Skills for Managers.5 DaysCase StudiesView course content.
 Interpersonal Skills for Managers.2 DaysRelevant skills.View course content.
 Administration & Office Management Course.5 DaysCase study and Relevant MaterialsView course content.
 Innovative Entrepreneurship Course.5 DaysExcel for Business, Case study and Relevant Materials.View course content.
 Real Estate & Investment Management Course.10 DaysExcel.View course content.
 Transformative Leadership Program.5 Days View course content.
 Executive Leadership training Program.5 Days View course content.
 Islamic Financial Management Course.5 DaysExcelView course content.
 Digital Transformation and Innovation training.10 Days View course content.
 Financial Analysis using excel Course10 DaysExcelView course content.
 Finance for Non-Financial Executives & managers training2 DaysExcelView course content.
 Leadership and diplomacy Training Course3 Days View course content.
 Time Management and Personal Effectiveness course2 DaysCase study Relevant Materials and Software’sView course content.
 Balanced Scorecard for managers & executives5 DaysExcelView course content.
 Business planning for Continuity training.5 Days View course content.
 Advanced Excel Dashboards course5 DaysExcelView course content.
 Fundraising Course4 DaysNAView course content.
 ERP systems usage course10 DaysADVANCED EXCEL,  ERP, POWER POINT, ACCESSView course content.
 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Management course5 DaysExcelView course content.
 Public Sector Procurement Course5 DaysField VisitView course content.
 Public Relations & Corporate communications course5 DaysCase study and Relevant MaterialsView course content.
 Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for corporate Leaders5 DaysCase StudiesView course content.
 Business Process Analysis course5 DaysExcelView course content.
 International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) course5 DaysExcelView course content.
 Grant Management using Sun Accounting System Course10 DaysSUN AND EXCELView course content.
 Financial Management, Budgeting and Auditing of Donor Funded Projects course10 DaysExcelView course content.
 Development of Quality Management Systems Course5 DaysExcelView course content.
 Credit Control and Debt Management Course5 DaysExcelView course content.
 Report Writing and Presentation Skill Course5 DaysWordView course content.
 Writing and Analysis of Case Study course5 DaysCase study and Relevant MaterialsView course content.
 Strategic Management Training5 DaysCase StudiesView course content.
 Project Development And Proposal Writing Course5 DaysCase study and Relevant MaterialsView course content.
 Corporate Governance, Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility course5 Days View course content.
 Public Private Partnership for Development Course10 DaysCase Studies and Relevant MaterialsView course content.
 Sales and Customer Service Course5 DaysCase StudiesView course content.
 Advanced Excel Formulas and functions course5 DaysExcelView course content.
 Strategic Communication Training For Managers And Executives Program Course5 DaysCase study and Relevant MaterialsView course content.
 IFRS 9 for Banks and Other Financial Institutions5 DaysPractical SkillsView course content.
 Inventory Control And Warehouse Management Course10 DaysCase study and Relevant MaterialsView course content.
 Human Resources Management, Development and Auditing course10 DaysExcelView course content.
 Public Sector Management course10 DaysCase Studies and Relevant Software’sView course content.
 Budgeting for Managers Course5 DaysExcelView course content.


A skill is the ability to do something by either learning, observation, experience, practice, that helps individuals to perform effective.

Soft skills are attributes that define your personal traits like confidence, public speaking, decision making how ambitious you are, your creativity, team building, open mindedness, problem solving, team work, time management, integrity, innovation, and much more.

Therefore, it’s important to have soft skills trainings in our organizations, schools, churches. Also, in various groups formed in our communities e.g., youths, women, PWD, men & children’s groups that are active in their own capacities.

You’ll realize that, based on different trainings offered in various fields, a number of things can be noted;

  • There is boosting of self confidence
  • Increased productivity
  • Loyalty from clients is increased
  • There is team work
  • Reduced employee turnover

In Kenya, these trainings have been positively embraced and we have corporate trainers who are specialists in different professions.

They offer your organization the best skills needed for everyone, which will be useful even in future.

Here are some of the best soft skills corporate trainers in Kenya;

  • Suitable networks

They have the best trainers that you should give a try. No matter how good you may be in running office errands, you’ll still need to have confidence and be good at communicating effectively. Once in a while you might be required to hold executive meetings. Therefore, equipping yourself with such skills will not only be beneficial to you but also to the organization as whole.

  • Smart skills training Ltd

This a leading corporate team building training in Kenya. I know it may seem so obvious and you might be wondering why you should get a professional in this area. It helps in increasing morale, helps employers and employees’ bond with each other that increases productivity. Improves communication and much more.

  • Flexipersonnel

These are trainers on time management.  We all need this skill to be able to complete tasks, have proper planning by knowing what you should prioritize. Make better decisions to avoid working under pressure.

  • Corporate staffing services

Experts in offering public speaking skills.

This helps to expand your network, improve communication; basically, oral communication. Helps individuals to represent their firms with confidence. You become a better listener and have leadership skills in place.

Soft skills should be practiced every day, and by doing so we’ll have a better world to live In. Have good business environment. Live in a more harmonized way.