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Uncategorized Feb 26, 2018
Business Leaders and professionals networking groups

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In our pursuit to uplift businesses & speedup growth, we’ve created amazing Networks of like minded business leaders & professionals over the last 2 years. This network is expanding to grow members businesses further by introducing a Web Technologies Group where business leaders can learn how to apply and adopt upcoming technologies conveniently in growing their businesses.

Benefits of joining other professional business leaders

  1. To Network with decision markers in companies, NGOs and various institutions.
  2. To put your business ahead of others by implementing the right technologies.
  3. To get the right professionals to run your business using current and advanced web technologies.
  4. Sharing costs of training staff.
  5. Learn on how to impliment chatbots to business operations
  6. To get business deals and customers.
  7. To learn more from other business leaders and professionals.

Who is this group meant for?

This group is meant for business leaders who are involved in running, managing and making key decisions in organizations they work for. They may include and not limited to:
  1. Business founders and Directors
  2. CEOs
  3. Chief technology officers
If you would like to join, you can contact us on WhatsApp via 0725021709 or 0722717744.


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