How to land major deals & projects

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2018
How to land major deals & projects


Am sure you are here to learn on how to land major deals & projects. Am sure you have ever posed this question to yourself; how can I land major deals & projects?
There are various ways on how you can achieve this. In this article, we will only discuss on how you can leverage on online platforms to achieve highly profitable deals and projects. If you may need to learn more on how you can achieve this with ease, kindly contact Suitable Network on +254722717744.

Expected Returns

Medium enterprises that have seriously embraced online platforms are harvesting millions from these platforms. Most of these deals and projects are from half a million up to 1 billion.
Search for products and solutions from online platforms is on the rise. Online transactions and trading have increased in a big way since corona invaded the world two years ago. People are buying more from online platforms than never before. This trend is expected to rise by 400% for the next five years since we have more youths entering into adulthood.

Proven Platforms That will land you major deals & projects

I have personally used websites to grow my business for over four years now. This is something that can confidently encourage every business to embrace. Every business should focus on having active digital platforms which will act as fishnets to capture customers looking for answers, advice, products and solutions online.
Having a website is not enough. A website should be consistently loaded with fresh and highly optimized content. If you would like to learn on how to optimize website content, click on this link.

How to

How can your business use a website to land major deals, projects or contracts?
  1. By having appealing rich content on the website that is fully optimized.
  2. By optimizing images.
  3. Through search engine Marketing which is mostly referred to us google Ads or marketing.
  4. By advertising on you tube.
  5. By equipping yourself or employees with website maintenance skills,  content creation skills, digital marketing skills and online customer handling skills.
  6. Through use of Social media marketing.

It is good to invest wisely in this digital era. To learn these skills or to develop such platforms, you can reach Suitable Network on +254722717744 or +254725021709.  You can as well send an email to


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