Company Registration in Kenya

Company Registration in Kenya

Company Registration in Kenya

  • Starts by compiling all the requirements stated below.
  • Suitable Network is well suited to assist companies and enterprises in handling this process. You can reach us via whatsapp, call or messages via +254722717744. You can as well write an email to
  • Startup support and guidance is in important. Read through this article to understand the process and what is required.


Company Registration in Kenya

Company registration refers to the process of enlisting a business entity or enterprise with the registrar of companies in a particular jurisdiction.

Requirements for company registration in Kenya;

  • You need 3-5 names to search.
  • Location of business: street, building, floor and office number.
  • Estimated annual turnover of the business
  • Email address of business.
  • Postal address of the business.
  • Total number of shares in the company and value for each share.
  • Phone number for the business.
  • Purpose or objective of the Business
  • One can choose to adopt the standard Articles of Association in the system after enactment of the companies act 2015.

Directors and shareholders need to have the following:

  • Names of the shareholders and directors
  • National ID number or passport
  • KRA PIN number,
  • passport size photos,
  • Postal address,
  • phone contacts,
  • email address
  • Director’s residential location
  • Number of shares that each director is supposed to be allocated
  • Type of influence that each director will be having. There are only two types of influence; direct or indirect.
  • Indicate who has powers to appoint or dismiss directors in the company.
  • Certificate of registration if there is an entity that will be owning the new company being registered.
  • For foreign companies, at least one of the shareholders must be a Kenyan and must have at least 30% shareholding.

Company registration process takes suitable network a maximum of 4 days to complete. If you would like Suitable Network to assist in registration of a company or an enterprise send us an email or a message. You can reach us via whatsapp, call or messages via +254722717744. You can as well write an email to


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