Advanced Excel Dashboards Course

Advanced Excel Dashboards Course



Advanced Excel Dashboards Course

An Advanced Excel Dashboards course is a specialized training program that focuses on teaching participants how to create dynamic and visually appealing dashboards using Microsoft Excel.

The course goes beyond basic Excel skills and delves into advanced techniques and functionalities to effectively analyze and present data in a visual format.

Objectives of advanced excel dashboards course

– Master advanced Excel functions and formulas for data manipulation and analysis.

– Understand the principles of effective dashboard design and layout.

– Learn techniques for data visualization using charts, graphs and other visual elements.

– Gain proficiency in creating dynamic and interactive dashboards using pivot tables and pivot charts.

– Explore advanced data visualization techniques such as sparklines and conditional formatting.

– Develop skills in dashboard automation and reporting to streamline data updates and generate reports.

– Enhance data analysis capabilities by incorporating interactivity and dynamic features in dashboards.

– Acquire knowledge of best practices for organizing and presenting data in a visually appealing manner.

– Improve data storytelling skills to effectively communicate insights and findings from complex datasets.

– Apply learned techniques to real-world scenarios and hands-on exercises to reinforce skills and understanding.

– Enhance productivity and efficiency in working with data by utilizing advanced Excel dashboard functionalities.

– Prepare for roles that require expertise in data analysis, reporting, business intelligence and decision support.

The course covers the following topics:-

  • Data Preparation and Manipulation
  • Advanced Formulas and Functions
  • Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  • Data Visualization Techniques
  • Dashboard Design Principles
  • Interactivity and Dynamic Dashboards
  • Dashboard Automation and Reporting

This skillset is highly sought after in roles such as :-

  • Data Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Financial Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Operations Managers
  • Sales Professionals
  • Educators and Trainers

Throughout the course, participants engage in hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios to apply their learnings and reinforce their skills. They also receive practical tips and best practices for creating impactful dashboards that effectively communicate data-driven insights.

By completing an Advanced Excel Dashboards course, individuals acquire the knowledge and skills to create professional-grade dashboards that facilitate data analysis, decision-making and reporting.

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