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Sales is the exchange between two people or parties in which services and goods(tangible or intangible) are exchanged for money or other goods or services. Marketing is the promotion or advertisement of goods and services targeting the people interested in the products and services of a company. On the other hand, Executive officers are people devoted or chosen to lead other leaders in an organisation to achieve it is goals by . Sales and marketing training of executive officers is equipping them with skills in planning for sales and marketing projects. They also implement and oversee the projects as to create the connection between the company, market, and customers. Sales and marketing training over the years has helped executive officers in known organisations such as Suitable Networks to come up with not only effective and creative but also profitable skills.The skills acquired can strengthen the connection between company, market and the customers. Furthermore, they with ease implement the planned projects and oversee them to make sure the products reach the market easily.

Suitable Networks can therefore run their projects swiftly. This is due to the training of sales and marketing that its executive officers have undergone. I want to recommend Suitable Network to all executive sales people and marketers. I personally trained here and gained key digital marketing skills. This course have made me competent in executing my duties.Most importantly, the training can help achieve the following skills;

  1. Helping company maintain its customers.

Sales and marketing companies can only prosper and be competitive if they have customers. The executive officer can offer discounts and promotions to its customers. Promotions can be as, buy two get one for half price or giving free gifts for the first specified purchases.

2. Digitalization of sales and marketing

We have all seen advertisements on different social media where products and services are accessible by just an online order. This enables the company to market its products to customers irrespective of their location.

3. Partnering with contemporary businesses.

Executive officers can forge alliances and agreements with contemporary businesses where can get experience and develop competency in their area of expertise.

4. Motivation of company members.

This is by introducing commissions on sales made by marketers under their leadership. Each business person will definitely need an extra coin on their salary which will encourage them to work better.

5. Innovative

Executive officers gain vast knowledge through interaction with other businesses and officers from other leading enterprises. This therefore equips them with an innovative mind where they are able to come up with new and unique ways to market the products.

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